Cars of the Future
I believe that the cars of the future will have active safety, high degree of convenience and close-to-zero pollution; all based on the efficiency and high reliability of electronics, motors and transmissions. Our key mission is to develop new reliable technologies to support the cars of the future. (Ningning Xu, CEO)

Tailored Solutions for Automotive DC Motors
HMC specializes in the design and production of DC motors and efficient low-noise variable speed transmission. Our products are used for virtually all smooth movement applications, such as rotating, folding, lifting, swinging, and turning on and off. We are a leading global supplier in windshield & headlamp cleaning systems and active cleaning systems. We proactively work with our customers to implement high quality solutions that optimize value. We partner with clients from the conceptual design stage all the way to the implementation process, creating additional value for our customers.

About HMC
HMC is one of the world's leading automotive parts suppliers. We have a proven track record in design and production of micro motors, window cleaning systems and active cleaning systems.

Core Values
Everything we do at HMC is driven by our core values. We are dedicated to providing exceptional client service and tailored solutions through Rigorous attention to detail in product development, process optimization and special equipment innovation. Continuous improvement and top quality assurance worldwide.

Our People
Our people are our greatest asset. At HMC we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative culture that inspires top talent and develops leaders for tomorrow. We believe in working together to achieve goals and exceed expectations.