Company introduction

 Established in 1991, HMC is a leading manufacturer of automotive micro-motors and automotive components. We have established long term strategic partnerships with many global automotive manufacturers including: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Honda and Hyundai. Our vision is to be the trusted partner and leader in innovative solutions for automotive manufacturers worldwide. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is the catalyst to achieve our vision.

Our product line includes: 
•     Automotive DC motors
•     Automotive washer pumps
•     Automotive washer systems
In the rapidly changing global automotive industry HMC takes a forward looking approach, anticipating market demand and customer needs. Our team understands the evolving legal, regulatory, environmental and functional requirements of our products and uses innovative design techniques to provide our customers with a quality final product. Our team incorporates complex simulation technology and rapid prototype verification to optimize our product development process for each application and customer.
We have set up rigorous processes to ensure that our products out-perform our competition. With a growing number of unique automotive components and systems, we understand the importance of continual investment in research and development of new products. Our distinct experience in flexible-volume automated assembly lines, mold and equipment development, plastic & metal forming and software development has allowed us become a reliable supplier for all of our customers. We are constantly innovating our products and our processes to ensure that we are providing our customers with best-in-class products and service.